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My favourites

My favourites

So I recently (or not really recently at all, now) saw the Alex Colville exhibition with my dad at the AGO. I really enjoyed it. I remember going to the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH) with my dad as a kid and seeing Colville’s Horse and Train (see above right) and being captivated by it. Colville has an interesting style that I find calming in its own right. The exhibition was comprehensive, and I learned a lot about Colville the person as well. What I liked is that his wife was his muse, and he painted her extensively. You can almost feel how much he cared about her through his paintings. The exhibit featured paintings of her from her youth through to old age.

I also really liked his paintings of birds, particularly the painting Seven Crows (see above bottom). They look really dynamic, and it’s almost as if it’s painted from a bird’s perspective.

What do you think about Colville’s work? Do you think that his love for his wife is evident through his paintings?