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Talking to Kate, my invisible bbbbffff, who is leaving today, to my utmost and greatest sadness in that I didn’t get to spend more time with her, I learned that she had obtained her amazing French braiding technique from one of her “24 before 24” goals. I realised I’d forgotten to make some goals on (our) birthday in November, and now that the year’s half done, I decided that I should at least do some goals. So I chose to do 12. Firstly because I’m a 12 year old in an adult body, and secondly because I only have half of the time left. So without further ado, 12 before 24:

1. Regain some of my old swimming skills. I feel a bit incompetent in the pool nowadays, and also like I will probably drown if I have to swim more than a hundred metres or so.


Approximation of how I swim

2. Keep up a daily skin/body regimen so that I don’t end up with terrible skin when I’m older (my mum says that she regrets not keeping hers up)

Gotta keep that uniform paleness

Gotta keep that uniform paleness

3. Learn how to French braid (sorry Kate, I’m stealing this one).

I am terrible at braids...

I am terrible at braids…

4. Bake my own bread rather than buying it. I bought yeast and then I never used it, but I am certain that I can bake bread without too much suffering.

So I can make more ridiculous cheese boards because I'm a total effing glutton

So I can make more ridiculous cheese boards because I’m a total effing glutton

5. Finish my thesis and defence on time (that goes without saying really)

Better get to it

Better get to it

6. Find and get into a PhD program of my choosing

My application process.

My application process. Looking at cat videos. Obvs.

7. Manage my money more prudently (I need to start some way other than  the “in my head system”)

Face of prudence

Face of prudence, i.e. “Don’t get upsold on the guacamole agaiin!”

8. Work on getting better in MMA – groundwork and standing, and hopefully participate in a tournament of some sort (note: the goal can be met by scheduling participation even if it comes after my 24th birthday)

Breaking plates comes into it (not)

Breaking plates comes into it (not)

9. Learn to knit properly, rather than lumpy, too-short scarves. I want to make nice things!

Hopefully knitting sweet Christmas sweaters

Hopefully knitting sweet Christmas sweaters

10. Draw or paint a picture every day. I want to get better.

Dance doesn't count

Dance doesn’t count

11. Make sushi again and don’t fail so miserably at it this time.

Not necessarily this type.

Not necessarily this type.

12. Create a family album using all the photos my mum has saved up, plus more current ones I will take.

Anyways, I hope it will be successful.

Ta ta for now,

Tanzania updates later, LA posts also. I swear. :<